Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello, & Welcome!

Apothecare is excited to be launching a new blog - and we are so happy you have stopped by! Let me introduce the company, and the owners...

Apothecare is a natural bath and beauty products company based in beautiful Fort Collins, CO. Our mission is to make quality skin care using natural and organic ingredients, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and most importantly, love and respect for nature and our amazing bodies. We use only the most wholesome, naturally effective ingredients possible in our products, feeling that we should feed the largest organ of our bodies as well as we feed the other ones! There are no synthetic fragrances or preservatives in the Apothecare skin care line - and our ingredient labels prove it. We are more than happy to teach our customers about the ingredients we use, and why we use them. In fact, providing an "information station" for our customers is one of the reasons why this blog was created.

So who is Apothecare? The owners, Jessica and Steve, are partners in life - and in Apothecare. Jessica is CEO (Chief Executive Olfactor) and creator of the Apothecare line of products, while Steve is the Head of Quality & Director of Fun. Together, we make a great team that approaches our work with enthusiasm, love for our company and our customers, and a deep sense of business ethics and responsibility. We love creating products that serve a direct daily need, in a healthy and sustainable way.

Last - but not least! - Apothecare exists to serve the skin care needs of a local population. We create products with an active lifestyle in the Rocky Mountains in mind, and patronize local businesses as much as we can to keep our community thriving. Support Apothecare, and you support your local way of life! :-)

We at Apothecare look forward to sharing our thoughts, inspirations, and dreams with you in this blog. Happy reading!


Jessica & Steve


  1. It was so nice to meet you at French Nest! Your products smelled divine!

    --Stephanie Hillberry
    @ Deviantly Domesticated

  2. Thanks Stephanie - can't wait to check out your Deviantly Domesticated blog. Thank you for swinging by, and here's hoping to see you again next month @ NewWestFest!